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Get To Know Us 
Hello ! This page is my First Attempt to a Family Link Up Page. There are several of our Relatives who have excess to the internet. This is my attempt to link as many as possible from all the different countries they reside in. If Your family name is Attard or you are married to an Attard, we might be related drop us a line and let's find out. Regards  


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Lawrence Attard
Malta - Europe 

My Snazzy List of Links

Fgura My Home Town: A brief History & Description of my Home Town 
The Greatest Site on MALTA, my Country: All (Well Nearly) You Want to Know About MALTA 
The Malta Government Site: Official Stuff, quite good though 
My Favourite Internet Newspaper: The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition 
Sabra Ltd: A Publishing Firm 
Malta Drydocks Corporation - were I scratch a living