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Malta Drydocks Corporation

"...providing a comprehensive shiprepair and heavy engineering service..."

                     Malta Drydocks (MDD) is a ship repair, ship building and
                     heavy engineering concern and has been one of Europe's
                 principal ship repairers since 1959.

                 It is located right on main Mediterranean sea trade routes,
                 such that ships must change course in order to avoid Malta.
                 With a turnover of approximately US$ 100,000,000, every
                 year, Malta Drydocks repairs some 200 ships from 32 different
                 countries each year.
                 Ships which regularly make use of Malta Drydocks
                 vary in size and type from VLCCs to tug boats, research
                 vessels to bulk carriers, and from drilling rigs to 5 star cruise-liners.

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