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Manoel Island Yacht Yard

                      Manoel Island Yacht Yard ( MIYY) is a self contained
                       yacht and small craft repair yard. It is situated within
                       Malta's Yacht Marinas which is about 10 Km from the main
                       Yard and about 1 Km from Sliema one of Malta's major
                       tourist cities. This Yacht Yard not only offers comprehensive
                       repair facilities with seven slipways and workshops, but also
                       a yacht park serviced by two mobile hoists with a lifting
                       capacity of 45 tonnes and an area capable of accommodating
                       240 boats. Manoel Island Yacht Yard is fully supported by
                       all the facilities of Malta Drydocks.
                       For more information, you are cordially invited to call
                      directly our Sales Department on (356) 823741