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Malta Drydocks (Unofficial) Home Page
For All Your Electrical Needs -
Our Facilities
Workshop Area 16 Metres x 60 Metres
Floor Area 1100 metres 2
Labour Force 35 Fully Qualified Tradesmen
Lifting Facilities in shop Two Overhead Travellers  
1 x 2 Tons and  1 x 12 Tons
Balancing Machine Max. Wt:. 11 Ton x Max. Length: 13 ft 10 ins x Max. Diam 7 ft x 6 ins
Machines Available Various


The electrical workshop annually handles hundreds of 3 phase rewinding jobs up to 1,000 KVA (1 MVA)  motors, using Class 'F' to 'H' insulation . D. C. armatures, Transformers and wound motors are also handled.  3 sizes of baking oven, the max. 5 x 2 x 2 metres, with a max. temp. of 150 degrees C controlled.   

Coupled with a matching varnishing tank we can handle the biggest motors and generators normally found on board. Varnishing impregnation is done by dipping and babing. 

Dynamic balancing of rotors up to 1000 kgs is done in this shop, bigger rotors can be balanced in the mechanical shop. 

In the test bay, both a.c. and d.c. motors can be load tested and run. Tests of electrical machinery up to 440V ( DC or AC) on no load can be handled.  Whilst Pressure Testing of windings is done up to 60 KV.  

We have modern testing equipment operated by trained and experienced men. All work is done to Electrical Apparatus Service Association standard. 

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