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Maltese Friends of The Czech Republic Homepage

The Maltese - Czech Society

What is The Maltese - Czech Society ?

The Maltese - Czech Society is a social organization which groups people of specific interests on a voluntary basis. The statutory aim of the society is to tighten ties and co-operation between Malta and the Czech Republic

Guided by the principles of Malta's foreign policy, our friendship society engages in activities to strengthen ideas of Peace and Friendly relations between nations and to popularize knowledge about life of the Czech nation - their culture, history, science and other achievements - throughout Maltese society, to develop comprehensive and mutually advantageous economic, cultural and scientific / technological co-operation between Malta and the Czech Republic.

The society organizes ceremonies marking national holidays and historical anniversaries of our befriended country as well as lectures, film and video screening, friendship soirees, concerts and exhibitions. As we still haven't got a permanent premises, the acquiring of a building to house the Society and the management of the society's club and an information centre etc., is our major project. . Maintaining contacts with societies of friendship with the Czech Republic in other countries and organizing meetings with delegations from the Czech Republic and the Czech Community in Malta are also important forms of the programmatic activities of our society. An other useful form of activity which we hope to start in the very near future is to start Czech languages courses for Maltese citizens and to organize holiday tours to the Czech Republic.

Our Society is financed solely out of members. contributions, from revenue flowing from events and published materials and sometimes from donations. The General Assembly is the highest authority of The Maltese - Czech Society.

The Society's Executive Committee

The Society's Executive Committee is made up of the following persons
President Mr. Lawrence ATTARD-BEZZINA
Honorary Secretary Mr. Horace MUSCAT
Treasurer Mr. Francis Xavier MICALLEF
Committee Member Dr. Nazareno AZZOPARDI 
Committee Member Dr. Victor NEZVAL
Committee Member Dr. Karel ONDROUSEK
Committee Member Mrs. Maria RUGGIER

Cultural Magazine

The Society has it's own magazine, "Il-Holqa" (The Link), which magazine was inaugurated at a special ceremony on the 21st July, 1989. This informative cultural magazine is published every quarter and is distributed free-of-charge to all the society's paid up members.

Honorary Presidents

The society has two honorary life presidents. These are H. E. Miss Agatha Barbara former president of the Republic of Malta, and Dr. Vincent Moran, a former Minister of Health. Both these two very distinguished persons worked very hard to solidate the very cordial ties between the two befriended nations.

If you want more information or wish to join our society please contact Lawrence Attard Bezzina, the society's president at

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