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Malta Drydocks

Company Profile

"...providing a comprehensive shiprepair and heavy engineering service..."

Malta Drydocks (MDD) is a ship repair, ship building and heavy engineering concern and has been one of Europe's principal ship repairers since 1959. It is located right on main Mediterranean sea trade routes, such that ships must change course in order to avoid Malta. With a turnover of approximately US$ 60,000,000, every year, Malta Drydocks repairs some 200 ships from 32 different countries each year. Ships which regularly make use of Malta Drydocks vary in size and type from VLCCs to tug boats, research vessels to bulk carriers, and from drilling rigs to 5 star cruise liners.

This versatility of accomplishment is reflected by our versatility of resources. We have seven graving docks (the largest measuring 360m x 62m x 8.65m-300,000 DWT.), and 2 Km of deep water (between 10 and 20m) quays.

These are serviced by 36 jib type rail cranes, 12 mobile heavy lift cranes, electrical, pneumatic, steam and water supplies and supported by 9 well equipped workshops, stores housing 30,000 different items and other engineering support such as drawing offices, laboratory, a well staffed procurement department and on site classification society surveyors.

Malta Drydocks offers overhaul and refurbishment facilities for your engines, boilers, generators, propulsion machinery, deck equipment, and bridge equipment, hull repair and also grit blasting and painting. All these facilities are concentrated in a single area of approximately 300,000 m2 . About 3.5 Km from the main site we have a tank cleaning complex capable of accommodating tankers up to 300,000 DWT. where sludge cleaning, processing and storage facilities are available. What is more, Malta Drydocks is expanding, it will be taking over a ship building complex consisting of another graving dock (290m x 50m), 500m of outfitting quays, and a number of modern workshops.

With about 3470 full-time highly skilled employees, service technicians factory trained by the major manufacturers of marine engines, turbo chargers, governors, electronic equipment and life rafts, and special hull underwater maintenance, Malta Drydocks offers the most comprehensive shiprepair service a ship owner would possibly require. Implementing a quality management system in line with ISO 9002 requirements is well under way, this should shortly lead to external certification.

Manoel Island Yacht Yard ( MIYY) is a self contained yacht and small craft repair yard. It is situated within Malta's Yacht Marinas which is about 10 Km from the main Yard and about 1 Km from Sliema one of Malta's major tourist cities. This Yacht Yard not only offers comprehensive repair facilities with seven slipways and workshops, but also a yacht park serviced by two mobile hoists with a lifting capacity of 45 tonnes and an area capable of accommodating 240 boats. Manoel Island Yacht Yard is fully supported by all the facilities of Malta Drydocks.

For more information, you are cordially invited to call directly our Sales Department on (356) 823741.

Overview of a Malta Drydocks Repair Job

Required Activity
  • We invite ship owners, boat owners to make use of our services together with our long-established expertise in all fields of engineering.

Company Details Address: The Docks, P.O. Box 581, Valletta CMR 01, Malta
Telephone: (+356) 822451 / 91
Fax: (+356) 800021
Telex: 1211 / 1310 / 1810 DRYDKS MW
Contact: Mr S. Aquilina, General Manager

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