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The Tank Cleaning station is :

a well protected facility can take vessels up to 300,000 DWT minimum depth of water 10 meters
The fully equipped tank cleaning facility, which is the biggest one of its kind in the Mediterranean, contains its own berth for all sizes of vessel. The Jetty has a hose handling rig from which is supplied steam, fresh water, hot and cold wash water, inert gas and compressed air. Hoses also provide for the acceptance of bunker oil, slops and wash water, thus allowing tanker owners to comply with international regulations. The berth has its own foam protection and sprinkler systems.

Shore-based storage tanks have 45,000 cubic metres capacity and are connected to the hose-handling rig through three separate pipelines.

The tank cleaning facility has its own portable tank washing machines and portable submersible pumps, and is manned 24 hours a day during tank cleaning operations.

Inert gas is available from the shore based boiler house, in addition to mobile inert gas generators. Gas freeing of tanks can also be carried out.

De-sludging of tanks and disposal of sludge can be arranged. 


            • Reception of slops and dirty ballast 
            • deballasting 
            • tank washing 
            • purging 
            • inerting 
            • gas freeing 
            • cargo tank upgrading 
in brief - the station can provide:
  • cleaning machines 
  • hoses 
  • ventilation fans 
  • compressed air 
  • steam 
  • hot water 
  • flue type inert gas 

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